can anyone help me for creating this?

0 Noor Qureshi · September 19, 2015

Hello, I would like if someone help me for creating a assigment.

I Called it cyber investigation system


Admin and user permission 

Criminal record options
--Criminal Name
--Criminal Father Name
--Criminal Age
--Criminal IP Address
--Criminal Information 

Admin can delete and edit data for Criminal.
user can view data using guest access feature.


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+5 Donald Trump · September 20, 2015
go write some code by yourself and then cry for help. people that demand for help without even trying is pissing me off.
0 Earl Hudson · September 27, 2015
You would have your main file. In here you can access your class.

#include "Criminal.h"

using namespace std;

int main()

Access and manipulate your class here

    return 0;

Your class (Criminal.h) would look something like this.

#ifndef CRIMINAL_H
#define CRIMINAL_H

using namespace std;

class Criminal
    private :
string name;
int f_age;
int age;
float net_num;
float host_num;
string information;


// Modifiers
string setName(string);
int setF_age(int);
int setAge (int);
float setNet_num (int);
float setHost_num (int);
string setInfo(string);

// Accessors
string getName();
int getF_age();
int getAge ();
float getNet_num ();
float getHost_num ();
string getInfo();

#endif // CRIMINAL_H

Now honestly, not to be rude, insulting or condescending. I think before you start with classes, you need to realize some more basics. You do not assign a criminals name to int. You can not assign an IP address  to an int.  You can not have two words for a variable without a connector (fathers_age) not (fathers age).

I suggest you read the following:
Or start with buckys tutorials:

Have fun
0 Jon Z. · September 20, 2015
create a criminal class with variables for all the info. probably use int for age and strings for the rest.
then create a class with an array of criminals and make and then let admins access that info.
0 Rafae Raees · September 22, 2015
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    int criminal name;
    int criminal father age;
    int criminal age;
    int criminal ip adress;
    int criminal information;
    cout << "What is the criminals name ? \n";
    cin >> criminal name;
    cout << "How old is the criminals father ? \n";
    cin >> criminal father age;
    cout << "How old is the criminal ? \n";
    cin >> criminal age;
    cout << "What is the criminals ip adrss ? \n";
    cin >> criminal ip adress;
    cout << "What is some information about the criminal ?";
    cin << criminal information; 
    return 0; 

I am new to C++ but hope this helps
0 abhi khandelwal · October 28, 2015
how can i build .dll file of Startup.batch jar file
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