How to Start PHP Coding In my Order Webpage?

0 Biswajit Deb · September 19, 2015
I know very well how to connect with My Database and queries and also PHP Coding.

But the issue is I don't know how to start develop my webpage(Order page)
Or,  what should be the first step to start PHP coding in my that web page.

So, Anybody who read this Article, Then please let me know what's the Answer.

And tell me what is the first step how to add PHP file to my webpage.
If possible then you can please allow me a printscreen Image so that I understand very Well.

Please Reply As soon as possible.


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0 jethro daniel · September 21, 2015
I really don't understand your question. But if I get you, I think you should watch buckys cms tutorial, and look at other projects. Or better still, download php books and ready made php scripts online, open up the code and make sense of it.
0 Casper Hollemans · September 21, 2015
Hey, I do understand your question and let me explain some things.
I don't know if you know it already but these things are important to make a proper php site.

- First of all when you create a site you always want to create the html first this can be in a html or php file. (I prefer .php)
- you want to give the whole site a nice structure so you start with the index.php and in the index you have almost only includes, my index file looks like this(also a web shop what i'm making )

(I didn't use the code tag because the html disappears most of the time)

include_once 'includes/';

        <title>Hoesjes Shop</title>
        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo STYLE; ?>style.css">
        <div id="MoveBody">
            <?php include_once FUNUTURE . "/"; ?>
            <?php include_once FUNUTURE . "/header/header.php"; ?>
            <?php include BODY . "/"; ?>

now i create a php file named path so i can include easily by using the a instant (not needed).

so after you have a page where you made a wrap for the store and 1 wrap where you can load a article in (as many times you want)
you can add the php.

So the normal way to do it is first html and a bit off css or evrything of the css then the php.
i give you a image where you can see that i bracke my websites down to pretty much files what gives me less longer codes and makes it easy to debug


Hope it helps if you have any questions feel free to ask em.

0 nmelssx nmelssx · September 23, 2015
Well...the first step would be to have a vague idea of what you even want on your website...
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