Please help me with my Adroid studio

+1 Kayode Emmanuel · September 18, 2015
I salute all great lads in this site, I'm new to this site.
I tried to install android studio on my system after the installation of Java jdk 8U60 but it give me some errors instead of it to install necessary file when I run it for the first time. Pls help me Out. Thanks in anticipation.

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0 Kayode Emmanuel · September 19, 2015
Tanx sir
0 Kayode Emmanuel · September 19, 2015
thanks, God bless.
0 Jagdeep Matharu · September 19, 2015
Open your Android Studio Directory where the exe is located.

Android Studio\bin

1. copy the file restarter.exe
2. and paste it in C:\Users\YourUserName\.AndroidStudio<version>\restart
3. Run Android Studio as Administrator

or try 2nd way :
1. Run Android Studio as Administrator.
2. Run studio64.exe (located in the same bin directory)
3. Add permission Full Control for the folder C:\Program Files\Android\Android
Studio\bin\ & apply it to all sub-folders and files as well.
4. Restart Windows

Hope this helps :)
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