How to write a python script, that converts a string format number into 'real' number: integer, float.

0 Robert Trumpet · September 18, 2015
 I need to implement python built-in type convert function: 

The code should convert the following 3 strings into real values:
   (1) "7343345"
   (2) "-87634"
   (3) "98.783"

   What python functions are not allowed:
1.  the type convert function itself: int(), float()

In other words....
Define a function, that takes a string format number as input, and return the number itself. 
e.g. def stringToNumber(str):
         #your code here
           return number

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0 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · September 19, 2015
Agree with Clark 

.isdigit() definitely does the trick

you can also use a third-party module like fastnumbers if you wish

you might have to download the module.

from fastnumbers import fast_real
# you just use pass the number as an argument into the fast real function

# you can also get the data type thus


and then you could also always use the yaml method of doing that

import yaml
a = "27733"
a = yaml.load(a)
# you get the real value

def convertToDigit():
...     a = "2343"
...     a = yaml.load(a)
...     print (a)

0 sfolje 0 · September 18, 2015
I dont believe it's possible to convert string to integer without some kind of build-it functions.

You can get for example first or whichever number in string format with:

Or you can get id number of character ( character = string with 1 letter)
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