Where can I learn LibGDX Development?

+2 Karan Narula · September 18, 2015
I have completed the newboston's android development videos about a week and a half ago with the hope of making a game similar to flappy birds before my college term starts. Despite watching all of the Java for Beginners videos, 27 videos of Intermediate Java and all Android Development videos, I was left very disappointed because of the insufficient content offered in the LibGDX Development tutorials. I had absolutely no clue what LibGDX was, prior to these tutorials and from my own knowledge I guess it is a framework that allows you to make games which supports every platform. The reason I mentioned this is because I am still baffled about the overall concept and the syntax of LibGDX. Can someone recommend me any LibGDX tutorials offered on the internet or LibGDX books that have simple and good explanations for a person like me (having mediocre programming experience in Java and Python but wants to make a game). If you think I am not competent enough for LibGDX can you please tell me what should I do?

P.S. Now that my college has started, is it possible to make a flappy bird like game before the end of this year if I plan to learn LibGDX only 3 times a week?

Thank you !!! :)

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+1 Jagdeep Matharu · September 19, 2015

try this
0 Karan Narula · September 21, 2015
I know about this, but are there any more sources? By the way, Thanks for the help!
0 Donald Trump · September 21, 2015
i honestly asked every single person the exact same question. no one knows how or where Or gives a useless link like the first comment of this topic. i asked Derek Banas about 4 times (3 months ago) to make LibGDX tutorial series but he always responds on "im working on it" or "its on the list" but he never made it. he said it was supposed to be done by the end of August 2015, and nothing... im pissed off that there are none resources to learn libgdx...
0 Karan Narula · September 22, 2015
There are LibGDX tutorials out there but I guess they are outdated or not well explained. AHH!!! Guess we will remain in despair :(
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