How to make websites from Java?

+1 Dylan Nguyen · September 17, 2015
Hey there, can someone explain to me how to can a website using Java code? Can you even make a website from java or is it just an applet? I have read that you need a Servlet and use Tomcat, but i am still not clear. Thanks!

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0 Alan Johnson · September 17, 2015
Yes you can use Java for server side web development. Look into Java EE
0 Casper Hollemans · September 18, 2015
if you are using eclipse you have to install tomcat server in it and then you can test your projects in the browser under the localhost web address.
And yes you need servlet and jsp is also used often, watch some tutorials for servlet and jsp.
I'm sure you will figure out then. :)

0 Faheem Reshi · September 18, 2015
tomcat is used for common gateway interface (CGI) called tomcat web server and you can use jsp or servlets for scripting the web page just for request and response .
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