I have applied $.post() on radio buttons and I get this response back from the server successfully:
ResponseText:{"answer":{"name":["a","s","d","f"],"percentage":["0.0000","0.0000","100.0000","0.0000"]},"error":false} on consoling.   
The above pic is how the website looks. And below is the ajax code I have applied:

* Created by user on 23-Aug-15.
$(document).ready(function() {

function add_submitPoll_handlers() {
$('.submitPoll').each(function() {
var btn = this;
$(btn).click(function() {
var ChoiceAnsVal = $('input:radio[name=choice]:checked').val();
var userId = $('#userId').val();
var id = btn.id;
submit_poll(userId, id, ChoiceAnsVal);

function submit_poll(userId, id, ChoiceAnsVal) {

userId: userId,
poll_id: id,
function() {
console.log("Error in script.js")
function(data) {
console.log("ResponseText:" + data);

Although I am getting the response code correctly, I'm not able to publish my result without refreshing the page. I want the radio buttons div to disappear and show a complete different div after clicking submit button. Please specify what should I write in success() column to achieve so...