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0 Casper Hollemans · September 15, 2015
Hey I'm watching this video at the moment from Bucky:
And round 7 minutes he makes a array in a for loop by the next code: tuna.values().
And i was wondering if it's also a multi dimensional array becouse he has 3 persons and each have 2 values.
Someone knows   if it is? :D


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0 Casper Hollemans · September 16, 2015
He say's that if you call your enum in this case tuna, and put .values after it you'll get a build in array.
So is that so he can explain it easily or is it still a enum? :)

0 Casper Hollemans · September 16, 2015
oh, he calls it a array or a temp one but thanks
0 Donald Trump · September 15, 2015
it is enumeration, not array
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