WWW vs Non-WWW, What do you think?

+2 Jay Deshaun · September 15, 2015
Hey all,
I was doing something on my website and I asked my self "Why do people often have different sites linking to www or non-www domains?".
So basically this is where I need you guys and girls opinions on what you think about www vs non-www.

Also should I use www or non-www on my websites in the future?

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+1 Chip Cooper · September 15, 2015
I've thought of this on occasion. And personally, I think it doesn't matter.  In the future, I think sites will still keep the WWW; but, it will become obsolete.  It's kind of funny how when dealing with customers in the recent past; I'm retired now, how many didn't recognize the difference between the internet, and websites.  I've seen people ask anywhere they found a where place they could write a question something like: "I got my new brand name device; and you told me to register it on the internet, but I can't find where to give you my information."

This show such a total lack of concept of what the internet is that the concept of WWW vs no WWW isn't even a thought.  The URL hasn't even reached the status of a light switch as something to turn on the light.  So, I find people who use the WWW and people who don't.  The people who don't aren't internet savvy.

Yet, there are still the occasional sites that require the WWW because when it was set up; it was automatic; and the DNS records aren't even set up with the non-WWW entry, so it you can't get there and at best get a 404 error.  Of course, these are rarer nowadays; and so my earlier statement.  I feel that sites will still include the WWW as an option; however, both with and without will be available.  Over time, children who grow up internet savvy will stop using it; however like many things of the past, it will remain as part of the internet even if no one uses it.

Of course, how far into the future?  I don't think anyone can really tell; but, I can see that eventually, even if a thousand years from now (if we're still here, lol) it may no longer exist.  But then again, who knows what the internet will look like then.  I see a world which is so connected by then, that the concept of a url is deeply embedded in the AI of everyday systems, and will have become an artifact that exists only in the realms of the developers writing the code into the base of the knowledge database that supports the AI.

Interesting question.
0 Jay Deshaun · September 17, 2015
and it was interesting reading your answer; never thought of it that way.
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