Did Anyone Ever Work With Hack Programming Language?

+4 Leo Scarano · July 21, 2014

The developers (software engineers from facebook) developed this language because they feel PHP is not a good language and could be a lot better. That is the nice version. What they are really saying is PHP is a pile of you know what and this should completely replace it. 

It is a compiled language and does look somewhat promising, but does anyone have any opinions? I just recently started really getting into PHP, so it could help.

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+1 George Williams · September 8, 2014
Too bad I want here to tell all of you that saying something as idiotic as php is bad because its hackable, first of all, PHP is only hackable when there is an extension to it(By extension I mean another language) such as CGI or SQL and of course hardcoded credentials would be hackable.

Thank you and that is my leave
+1 Leo Scarano · July 21, 2014
Haha, I have good experience with Python! Unfortunately, i am going to be forced to learn PHP in college, so I have to explore more on these subjects.
+2 Source Slayer · July 21, 2014
Use Python. :P
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