unable to locate adb within sdk

0 shubham pudi · September 13, 2015
when i am trying to run the app made
error of unable to locate adb within sdk is coming
i have installed all the packages of android 5.0.1

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0 Dol Lod · September 13, 2015
Please learn the difference between the SDK and the  ADB.

How did you program the app without knowing the difference between the SDK and the ADB?

The SDK is providing api versions like Lollipop, Eclair, Froyo as well as Google APIs as well as other development tools and libraries. 

The adb is the connection between an android device and the computer for a physical device. 

If you have develop options enabled on a physical device, connect your device to your computer and then run it on the device.

Otherwise, make an virtual device and test your application on that. 
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