what font is bucky using in PyCharm??

+2 mohsen abasi · September 13, 2015
hi I'm learning python 3 tutorials and I've installed pycharm community edition and chose dracula theme just like bucky but the editor's font is just horrible!
when i'm watching bucky's tutorials i noticed that he has a very cool font for his editor ( unlike mine ).

what's the font's name? how do i change mine so it will be like bucky's??

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0 Victor Akinnibosun · September 16, 2015
Please, someone help me with how to download videos tutorial on this site?
0 mohsen abasi · September 16, 2015
here's an screenshot of my pycharm with Darkula


and here's a screenshot of bucky's pycharm :


they're clearly different fonts. and i know it's just fonts but having a cool font in my editor means a lot to me. it helps me concentrate.
by default Darkula sets my font on monospaced. do any of you know what font bucky uses?
+1 Chip Cooper · September 15, 2015
He states in the beginning (3:20) of installation; Darkula.  Click link to hear it yourself.

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