Needed to ask this long time ago from the beginning :D

0 Abdurrahman M. Rabah · September 12, 2015
Now I am in tutorial NO.45 in Java for beginners .. I nearly wrote everything from the whole beginning and kept it at a class called revisions and added a comment for each tutorial just to know what are all of this codes abt ..
But sometimes I feel like I am d*ckhead .. and dunno what I am goin' to type or what I am even goin' to say even though, I nearly know every single code from the beginning till my stop .. but I feel like "Where am I goin' to start ? Wtf is happening ? What should I type before what ?"
Is that normal or am I kind of stupid ? :D

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0 sfolje 0 · September 12, 2015
take a book , not science - a novel, start reading, and when you are at the end of page ask youself what was it about at beginning. my answer usualy is : forgotten.
tl;dr  it is normal or we r both stupid :).

although I think it depends on : amount of sleep today, amount of coffee in body, time bettween last nap/sleep, or any other concentration substance.
0 Abdurrahman M. Rabah · September 12, 2015
Well, to me if I started reading a novel .. I actually never forget a single detail, I have enough amount of sleep a day, go to the gym and usually run everyday.
I never drink coffee .. everything is pretty good to me or almost everything
But to me, I keep every single code in a class which is called "revision" and comment on it so I know what is all this codes about .. and that's refreshing my memory each time I read it .. but sometimes I feel very dumb .. I dunno where to start or where to begin exactly or what even to write at the very first beginning .. is that because I am beginner or that is just an excuse for my dumbness :D
0 Alan Masimba Walker · September 13, 2015
I've been programming for a few years and I always get days where I sit down and I'm clueless with regards to where to start solving a problem or implementing something. Sometimes I go make a separate project to start the problem, other times I just start with pen & paper and work out what NEEDS doing to help me know where to begin.
0 Nekko Rivera · September 13, 2015
        It's normal in the beginning to not know what to do when you're on your own. Think of it like training. You understand everything you're being taught, but you're not quite ready to do it yourself. In time it will feel natural.
0 sfolje 0 · September 13, 2015
i dunno, i think its beginer, but it can happen also to pros i think ... guess we need to wait for other 's oppinions - we are on social network :)
0 Abdurrahman M. Rabah · September 13, 2015
Today it was the first time I felt like I am doing somethin' right .. I nearly understood everything and knew how to type the codes .. 
but sometimes I think like I am kinda stupid .. not only stupid .. sitting in-front of my lap and have no idea what's goin' on .. :D
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