I'm angry

0 sina vahedifar · September 12, 2015
sorry for my language,But DAMN IT bucky, why you have recorded your whole desktop?? why didn't you make it like your toutorial for python 2???? 
I was so excited about this toutorials for 3.4 but now because of my low internet speed ican't watch them om 1080p or 720p or even 480p so I can't watch them at all.

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0 Halcyon Abraham Ramirez · September 13, 2015
sorry to tell you bro. but that's not bucky's fault. just sayin
0 mohsen abasi · September 13, 2015
you can use an alternative method like me ( i have a slow internet too)
install Internet Download Manager and make sure it's integrated with your browser then download them one by one.
that's how i did it.
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