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0 Adhithya K · September 12, 2015
i just checked my systems IP address in google...
it showed a 32 bit address
is that the combination of the network ip and host ip....?

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0 Vjekoslav Baric · September 17, 2015
When you go to a website (like; whatsmyip.com) to check your ip address you see your IP address, but on internet you are using something called NAT and that IP address that you see on that website is actually an IP address asigned to the WAN interface of your ISP's router.

So yes you could say that that address you saw is a combination of network ip and host ip because every device in that network is connected to the same router and has the same WAN interface but just to keep things clear look on the internet for explenation of NAT 
0 Gabriel James · September 17, 2015
@baric u tried u really know much of ccna
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