accidentally deleted a folder

0 Rehman . · September 11, 2015
i accidentally deleted a folder through git however i haven't committed it yet can we get that folder back?

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0 Arth I-Soft · September 12, 2015
Thanks the i got same problem and it got solved by your advice thanks a lot
0 Ian Arbuckle · September 12, 2015
The command should be able to roll back to the previous state. Glad it worked out for you!
+1 Rehman . · September 11, 2015
yayy it actually worked, i was afraid but i made it confirm that only mistaken changes were in last deleted folder only
+1 Rehman . · September 11, 2015
will this undo the last "accident" or it will revert all changes?
+2 Ian Arbuckle · September 11, 2015

 git reset --hard
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