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0 Jeff Bevelheimer · September 11, 2015
I am totally new to all things coding. First let me say thank you for all the hard work you are doing to create these videos. I have found them to be extremely helpful and easy to follow. That isn't always the case with tutorial videos since some people shouldn't try to be trainers or teachers. LOL

One thing I have noticed while working through the html5 and css3 videos is some things only work (as stated in the videos) on Chrome. So my question is why learn HTML5 and CSS3?

 I am enjoying the videos and have learned a lot but I am concerned. It is my hope and desire to be able to create a website and other things but they need to be able to work within all browsers. So is there a different set of tutorial videos I should be watching besides HTML5 and CSS3 that will allow me to learn things that work within all or most browsers?

Also, though I have followed along and tripled checked everything, I noticed that even using Chrome my work didn't center like it did in the videos. I can only assume I have still missed something somewhere just not sure what or where it is. This happened around video(s) 18 or 19 if I remember correctly.

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+1 Jeff Bevelheimer · September 13, 2015
Craig Charlton, thank you. That is actually what I have been doing to a degree. Mostly I started with a series of HTML5 and CSS3 tutorials from Microsoft Visual Academy for Absolute Beginners. Then after completely that I looked for other videos of the same nature to watch. Things that might help me better understand the basics.

Currently, as you had suggested. I am working on a website but not trying to do everything. Just working with header and Nav and a simple body area with text (paragraphs, fonts, etc) and a small footer. Nothing fancy and nothing to brag about. Mostly I am trying to get things aligned and looking as I want them to look (per the tutorials I have watched).

Also as you've suggested I have deleted and restarted, deleted and restarted. Totally agree with your suggestions. Thank you.

+2 Craig Charlton · September 13, 2015
you can not learn all things in one hit... it doesn't all stick.... and remember that you learn by doing....

re-do the tutorials.... dump your code and do it again.... when you can do it then you have to learn to understand it..... if you understand it, you can adjust it slightly.... and then more.... and then set yourself small tasks...

Do not try to run before you can walk.... the internet is a massive resource and as you learn more then all will become clear (from the point of view of other browsers).... but for the main what you are writing write now should work in chrome...

build and re-do.... then go over and build some more.....

once you have an understanding then go and do it without a tutorial..... do not build a whole web page for example....  you might start with just a header section nav consisting of 2-3 other links for example....

learn by doing.... and doing.... and.....
+1 Rehman . · September 11, 2015
as for the case of you work not being centered you can create a post with your code and let people see whats going wrong there.
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