How can I sort in objects?

0 Marin Bešlo · September 9, 2015
Hello, I should output the five movies by years, from 1972. to 2008. How can I do that, 
please help :D

var pipo = {  
         "Title":"The Shawshank Redemption",
         "Director":"Frank Darabont",
         "Actors":["Tim Robbins", "Morgan Freeman", "Bob Gunton", "William Sadler"],
         "Title":"The Godfather",
         "Director":"Francis Ford Coppola",
         "Actors":["Marlon Brando", "Al Pacino", "James Caan", "Richard S. Castellano"],
         "Language":["English", "Italian", "Latin"],
         "Title":"The Godfather: Part II",
         "Director":"Francis Ford Coppola",
         "Actors":["Al Pacino", "Robert Duvall", "Diane Keaton", "Robert De Niro"],
         "Language":["English", "Italian", "Spanish", "Latin", "Sicilian"],
         "Title":"The Dark Knight",
         "Director":"Christopher Nolan",
         "Actors":["Christian Bale", "Heath Ledger", "Aaron Eckhart", "Michael Caine"],
         "Language":["English", "Mandarin"],
         "Title":"Pulp Fiction",
         "Director":"Quentin Tarantino",
         "Actors":["Tim Roth", "Amanda Plummer", "Laura Lovelace", "John Travolta"],
         "Language":["English", "Spanish", "French"],

//so, how to output movie titles by years?

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0 Marin Bešlo · September 11, 2015
I had the job to print the movies by years, but I have done it by myself :D thanks a lot :D
0 Brotsky Tv · September 11, 2015
Check out these Javascript tutorials :
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