hi guys

+1 Jessica Lunua · July 20, 2014
Hi guys

I am Jessica, just made an account on this site. I'm a girl that lives in Belgium and hope to learn some new stuff here ^^

Nice to meet you all

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0 Eddie Davis · July 27, 2014

And what is angular once you get it, since I am new to the newer programming thing.
0 Jessica Lunua · July 23, 2014
Haha i'ts ok. Thank you!
0 Ashish Ahuja · July 22, 2014

Well here, the link doesn't seem to work in any way, It always redirects to the BR homepage. So I couldn't prettify the link any further. :P
0 Jessica Lunua · July 21, 2014
Thank you! Something is wrong with your link tho. :P
But i'll check it out. :)
0 Ashish Ahuja · July 21, 2014
Hello Jess, Welcome to BR :) hope you're learning great stuff.  And I would suggest Egghead.io tutorials for Angular JS for getting started. Here's the youtube link : Egghead IO Angular JS
Happy Coding :D
+1 Jessica Lunua · July 20, 2014
I need it because i learn best from buckys videos for some reason ^^ And i haven't found a videos series on angular yet. Other than some small tutorials.

And thank you everyone!
+2 Steven the awesome · July 20, 2014
+1 William Frost · July 20, 2014
Why do you need it? :)
+1 Jessica Lunua · July 20, 2014
Nothing at the moment, haha! But i'm looking into Angular right now, but too bad Bucky has no videos for that. :(
+1 William Frost · July 20, 2014
Now I can't call you mate, Don't worry we will think on something ;)
Welcome to here!
So what you learning here?
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