after " Bukys c++ tutorials " what's next ?

0 Hossam Hades · September 8, 2015
Hey guys
I've watched all the videos in that playlist :

and I don't know what to do next

any Ideas ?

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0 Boy Kai · September 9, 2015
I just finished as well.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do next?

Really want to sharpen my C++ skills. I feel like Bucky did a great job teaching the basics but, I know it's only the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks guys.
+1 Filip Brännlund Stål · September 9, 2015
Try to find out a project, mayby a game?
+1 Nitin Pathak · September 9, 2015
try to work on a project
next step may be try to create apps with gui interface using qt or visual c++
0 Adam Tindall · September 9, 2015
codeRocks @ The New Boston! 

Please feel free to visit my page/project anytime! 

So I have started this page here on The New Boston for those who want to contribute to an open source project. The a page/project has two goals: 

1.To provide people a venue where they can contribute to one program. I had to come up with something for a starting point but for future project I will not determine what the program is. 

2. A vote for a project will be one vote per person and no monetary marketing to an idea will be allowed. 
All the software needed will be provided on the site for free. A lot of learning will need to take place (Life long. At first you may feel like you went back to kindergarden) prior to being able to contribute to the real deal. So yeah at first it will be mostly learning post with my crappy version of the program coming "soon" like months not weeks but in a way that all can pick at. Coding is to learn all over again. If you're in some kind of hurry it wont work as it is not meant for everyone. 

That said the value of seeing an idea get completed slowly over time without having to spend a dime is pretty awesome. I believe knowledge to be free and the end result is where the value can be captured. That said there is no way I could make an awesome program alone without others input, like minded or not. 
I post this now because it is as simple as it will ever get. And I would like to show what true freedom within reason can do. Please feel free to visit to see this grow into what it will be. All good things take time so don't expect it to be done quickly. At all costs we will not cut corners or anyone out that has an idea. Whether an idea is good or not is how we can get to the best answer. 

0 Hossam Hades · September 10, 2015
thanks guys for replying :)<3 .. and I'll try to do all of the things that you mentioned :D
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