Android Studio AVD doesn't load

+2 Tim Grabner · September 7, 2015
Hey guys I just started the Android Development for beginners and I am having an issue getting the emulator to go further then just the blank black screen that read "Android" on it.  Nothing happens after this.  I have let it sit for aprox 20 minutes already with no luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I also have noticed that when I run Android Studio as admin and I try to run the application when the emulator is running I am getting an error in the build window that reads "Adb Transfer Protocol Error. Read-only file system."  I have gone into the folders and made sure they are not read only as well.

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0 kishor joshi · September 8, 2015
clear reinstall of android studio might solve your problem
Also if you are using Android studio then having good configuration will make emulator fast
0 Slim Mezghanni · September 8, 2015
Hi, I had the same problem too. 
Try Genymotion. trust me it's the best emulator simply because it's super fast and doesn't require too much space ;)!/download
0 Tony Skulitz · September 8, 2015
I'm habing the same problem, I cloned the Nexus 5 emulator with my Galaxy S6 specs and it hasn't moved passed either the android logo or a blank screen, but I'm getting a message saying I should run an x86 emulator accelerator... any suggestions? I finally got a computer powerful enough to handle the android studio and now I can't get passed the emulator
0 Elam Weaver · September 9, 2015
Make sure you have the emulator image set to the correct CPU type that you're developing with, i.e if your machine is Intel use x86, or if its AMD use Arm. 
0 Tony Skulitz · September 13, 2015
I have the emulator running and the HAXM installed but it's saying it's not working properly, it needs at least 1.5 gigs ram and it's only getting between 500 and 750 mb...  any suggestions? My computer has 4 gigs, is there some kind of block I need to disable or is there something is the settings in andoird studio?
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