How do I get my first freelance web developer client?

+1 Jack McMullan · September 6, 2015
So, I decided I wanted to make a little extra cash, and so I made a website with my portfolio of other websites I've made, and advertised my services. 

Now, I have reached the stage, where I need to find possible clients to direct to my website. 

I have passed the stage of hunting for emails to advertise my service (this didn't work) and contacting businesses on facebook (got a better response rate, but got blocked messaging). I don't want to sign up for freelance boards, or wait for people to find my website, so need a more reliable way of reaching people and securing clients.

I thought about actually talking to locals, but don't like asking for money in return from them, and would be afraid of gaining a bad reputation (if I made a mistake) and so need an online method of contacting small businesses. 

Any ideas from people who have had experience in freelance web development?

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0 Betty hardy · November 16, 2015
when i start my own career as a freelancer, i was built our portfolios regarding <a href="">website designing</a> and i show for one Canadian client, he was very happy after see our portfolios and he was give me one web development work 
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