what coding language i need to use UDK

0 Shkelzen Brahaj · September 6, 2015
what coding language i need to use UDK?

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0 DAGO DAGO · September 11, 2015
UDK uses its own coding language called kismet. It´s very intuitive an easy to use, no other programming language is needed :). I hope the information was useful ;) ;) ;) ;)
0 Tóth Bence · September 13, 2015
UDK uses unreal script which i found very hard to learn. (it has a lot of tutorials but you i coudn't do anything on my own after a month of learning so i gave up :( )

kismet is designed  just for ingame logic and animation.

But UE4 is free for everyone and it's using c++ as a scripting language and you can use their owesame node editor based programming.
0 Kuroodo Ditory · October 11, 2015
Correction: UE4 uses C++ as a programming language, and uses Blueprint as a scripting language.
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