Creating Super Mario Bros w/ LibGDX - Request Collab w/ Bucky!

+4 Brent Aureli · September 4, 2015
Hey guys!

Over the past 5 months I have been producing tutorials series on both webdesign and GAME design. My latest series is how to create the game Super Mario Bros using the LibGDX Java framework. I have received nothing but positive feedback on reddit and on my video comments.

I would love the opportunity to do some sort of collaboration with Bucky as I know that he doesn't have very much content on the topic of game design programming, and I also know it would help me reach a bigger audience. 

Take a look at the following video and let me know if you would support a collab!

My channel can be found here:

Bucky, if you ever see this... It would mean everything to talk to you sometime!

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0 Kuroodo Ditory · October 28, 2015
Just a suggestion: Since this is a coding tutorial and not a let's play, you should remove yourself from the screen.

It's unnecessary and causes distractions.

Awesome tutorial though!
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