CSS code for resize bulletpoints images?

0 Primo Luce · September 2, 2015
hi, in the 27th video of XHTML and CSS tutorial Bucky explained how to use an image instead of the basic bulletpoints in an unordered list, with the command "ul {list-style-image:url( );}" and that works great, but i was wondering, is there a command to modify the size of the image? I've tryed to look on different forums but without finding any clear answer, thanks for the support.


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0 waqas khan · September 4, 2015
 Develop a simple word editor web page. 
1. The page will allow user the options to set different parameters such as Font,size, color etc for different parts of the document such as heading, sub heading 1, subject matter, paragraphing technique, style and save those parameters.
2. A text area will be provided where user can enter the text he/she needs to be formatted. The page will generate the output according to the specified format on either the webpage, in doc/docx or any other format which can support the style.
Note: You will need to work out the interface to:
1. Allow user to configure the parameters.
2. Allow user to specify the different sections e.g. headings, sub heading, paragraph start/stop etc., in the text.
The UI should follow the basic usability principles such as:
Easy to learn/ user.
Least chance of errors.
Fast response time.
If needed, provide instructions for the user about how to use the tool, preferably on the same page.

i dont know how to do this can any one help me  

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