How do you know your ready to apply for a job in c#

0 Vaughan Testa · September 1, 2015
Hey guys
Hope you are well. 
I was wondering I've been studying hard and learning a lot and it's becoming really fun.
I was wondering if any-one can answer a few questions. 
How do you know your ready to apply for a job in c#, and has anyone got advice when doing so. What I should have or get before applying. Please keep this in mind when responding, I'm studying programming from home and can't afford to get a degree so I need to somehow show the employers that I'm as good as some-one who has a degree, provided I meet all the criteria you provide.

Thanks Guys

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0 Encik Sejati · September 1, 2015
Maybe God send me to u here dude haha , try take this exam
and of-course u have to pay ,but not like college price dear brother.Get the Certificate and make perfect CV(Resume) to what ever job you trying to apply 
0 Vaughan Testa · September 2, 2015
Thanks Guys for all the info, I really appreciate it, I'll give everything a shot a see where it takes me. Regarding the certification, I am saving up for the at the moment, however they are still quite expensive do to the fact that I've got to convert the price into New Zealand Dollars. But I do agree with what everyone has said. 

Thanks a bunch. 
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C# is an object-oriented language designed for improving the development of web applications.