Hello Bucky,

my name is Q, I am 35 years old and from germany. I am in high power laser developement business and an intermediate python programmer (still more or less amateur level) with some skills in HTML5 and CSS3 too. On my way browsing the net to learn new things, I found your youtube channel and therefore your awesome tutorial page. It is really worth to have a look on all the different content on here. Also I am very impressed on the way you are teaching in your videos. The difference compared to many other videos is, that you always explain things from the beginning on and within context and what this special peace of code is good for. The starter templates on yout Githubpage for the different frameworks (bootstrap / foundation etc.) are very useful too.

Just want to say: Thank you for your effort and keep going!

Because I really like the way you are teaching I would like to make some suggestions on new tutorials.
Where is the right place in the forum to do so, as I am pretty sure the "Introduction" - Forum is not?

kind regards