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+6 William Frost · July 19, 2014
Hello :)

This is an old source of one of my old projects. It use google dorks to find sites that vuln to SQL Injection. 

Source: http://pastebin.com/8dmirnJM

Feedback? LOL

Hope someone will learn something from that code :)

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+1 William Frost · July 19, 2014
Thanks Llama :)

Problem is I'm very busy(full time CS student) and I'm developing my own and simple text editor(I will publish him too) in Java at the moment, I'm also having a problem with python but I will try to think about an algorithem to this. Thank you mate :)
0 Steven the awesome · July 19, 2014
That's pretty cool! What is your next project? Or are you going to make this one better.
+2 William Frost · July 20, 2014
Thanks steve, at the moment I'm working on a simple Java text editor. I had a better version of this but I lost, But this source is the idea :)
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