Software to create multiple os applications

0 shazreen fernando · September 1, 2015
hello... I want to design an application to be run on both windows and ios operating systems. Can i know a suitable and best software to create such application. Thank You

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0 Dol Lod · September 1, 2015
I think you may be looking for Xamarin if you don't want individual development. Sorry, I have no idea how to use it. The only thing I know is that it is cross-platform for android development, Windows development and ioS. 
0 jethro daniel · September 1, 2015
you have many options. Xamarin is cross platform and the language it accepts is c#, cordova -html5, Phone-gap - javascript.. There are still more!
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Very popular language used to create desktop applications, website applets, and Android apps.

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