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+2 Trevor gasio · July 19, 2014
I use IE not chrome any suggestions on css and html web pages?
-webkit model does NOT work on IE what can I do to fix the problem? By web site MUST be compatible with IE. thanks 

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0 Kaveh Greenwood · August 7, 2014
I believe '-webkit' prefix is for Safari & Chrome. I don't know of this Model property you're speaking of. Using the property name by itself should work in IE.

I'm using the Transition property as an example. The CSS below should work in IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, & Opera.

Numbers followed by -webkit-, -moz-, or -o- specifies the first version that worked with a prefix.

-webkit-transition: width 2s; /* For Safari & Chrome */
-moz-transition: width 2s; /* Mozilla Firefox */
-o-transition: width 2s; /* Opera */
transition: width 2s; /* Standard Syntax */

I hope this may help you in finding a resolution.
0 Colin James · August 8, 2014
What IE version are you using? Transitions are only supported in version 10 I believe.
Simplest fix: use jQuery animations if IE.
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