After opening a new file or creating a new file, it keeps showing me a grey screen and it says "no files are open"

0 Bryan Jiang · August 30, 2015
Hi, I'm very new to android app programming and I've seem to have already hit a block.

Right after opening a file or after creating a new file, it keeps showing me this, rather than showing me the screen with the many sidebars and the phone model./images/forum/upload/2015-08-30/fcb530798bca7dd02a926fe86ca8e50a.PNG

I followed everything exactly how the guy in the video did but I keep getting this screen from android studio.

Please help me and thank you so much!

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0 buill bogger · August 31, 2015
im not sure but you might not have sdk installed in ide on tools
4.stand anloe sdk manager
5. install everything you can(if you have disk space)--it takes a while
would advise inatalling old apis first which is why stand alone is better
+1 Gary Whitney · August 31, 2015
I hope your problem is nothing more serious than you  need to open the files.
1. Click the Project Explorer icon in the left margin.
2. Under the app. folder you will  find a java folder where your  package and java class file for the main activity reside. Open MainActivity.
3. The xml layout for your app is under the res(resources) folder, in the layout folder. Open activity_main.

You should now have files open in in separate tabs.

If this didn't help then you may not have accepted the defaults when you installed Android Studio.

P.S. AppData is hidden file unless you tell Windows to show hidden files. I found this on the web
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