Hello, Bucky.!
First of all i want to Thank you for these wonderful tutorials i learn alot from here then i learn in Collage lectures..! :) 
I Excute all the tutorials one by one for exercise purpose. I had these problem  "Table for Multi Arrays" Tutorial of Java!! For Some reason I can't Attach Image file with this..!! 
So i'll attaching code i printed and the Run error message.. i'm trying this  for like an hour and its really driving me crazy now.. ! Hope i'll get help!! 

public class NewClass {

public static void main(String s[]){
int farray[][]={{1,2,6},{9,54,1},{6,94,1},{0,9}};
int sarray[][]={{11,6},{31},{1,5,1,6}};

System.out.println("This is first array");
System.out.println("This is Second array");


public static void display(int a[][]){
for(int i=0;i