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+4 Ivan M. · July 19, 2014
Hey guys, anyone here playing League of Legends?
I play on EUNE and I'm in Bronze I (noob I know haha). My favorite champ. is Volibear, I also own NorthernStorm Volibear skin and here's my profile -> http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/37147598

What about you? :)

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0 R.K Cheun · August 11, 2014
But you gotta be good to troll. There's no other way to troll and win. Usually I don't die, but boredom kills man.
0 Ivan M. · July 21, 2014
Why haha? Are you lvl 30? ;)
0 Jessica Lunua · August 4, 2014
Lol. No, i don't.

Everyone got their own taste..
0 R.K Cheun · August 5, 2014
...I just like making suicidal plays....Diving an enemy under a tower and then making them die with me..No where is safe.
0 Ivan M. · August 5, 2014
That's trolling Kam hahah :(
0 R.K Cheun · September 8, 2014
I'm in Silver IV,I should've been able to hit Gold V by the end of last week but my ISP decided to be stupid and I started pinging at 5000ms randomly and alongside that Riot having a "Live" maintenance didn't help much either.
0 Ivan M. · August 29, 2014
Can't get out of silver V, failed two promos so far :(
0 R.K Cheun · July 27, 2014
Ivan, you should check it out. Korean LoL players are just crazy aggressive playmakers. Not all games are awesome but if you watch CJ Etus Blaze or SKT TK1 or Samsung Galaxy then you'll get hooked. 
0 Ivan M. · July 22, 2014
Hahahah, I was scared too! 
0 Ivan M. · July 28, 2014
Will do, btw I'm Silver V now haha :) 



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