lessCSS, is this fine?

+1 Kenneth Malicay · August 30, 2015
From someone who do mostly programming language this is probably the easiest way to group stuff up. It does become redundant in the css file but I don't think it affects any functionality. So my question is... Is it fine if I code in less CSS like this?


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0 Brotsky Tv · September 12, 2015
Probably its fine, CSS is whole about the website design, so if you are using in a lesser way , then might it effect your website design, otherwise its fine.

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0 Raunak Bhurjee · September 12, 2015
Its your call. It won't affect anything except designs and animations. If you want your website simple then its perfectly fine.
0 Craig Charlton · September 13, 2015
tho I may speak above my paygrade it is my experience (thus far) that less and sass are really only useful once your files (and therefore sites) start to grow a bit.... if you are writing for smaller pages/sites it is not really necessary..... that said... do it anyway cos it is good practice...
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