Div for everything?

+1 Kenneth Malicay · August 30, 2015
I don't use section, span, footer, head, aside or any other stuff that I can use so is it alright if I use div for everything?
Also do you guys have any tips on which stuff to get for web developing? Like less css, bootstrap or something similar.
Also do you guys use px or em?

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0 Amit Benaish · August 30, 2015
div are good for designing your website , but you got to use all the tags as they are intented ... its like takin a driller  for hammering a nail in the wall ... just use wisely these "tools" you have ... dont go to big for a simple things and viceversa , hope this is a good tip for you .
0 Kenneth Malicay · August 30, 2015
I didn't know what SEO is and I searched it, did you mean Search Engine Optimization? Does using div really affect something like that?
What if I'm just making a portfolio website is it completely fine to just use div for everything or is it wrong in html coding convention?
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