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+5 Hristijan Ilieski · August 29, 2015
Hello, I am building a social application for android and I have some problems. A don't have any particular problems with coding, but I can't figure out how to display the content of the social app.

For example, there are 1000 new posts on the network every day and that's huge amount of data. Now when I need to display that posts between friends in the social network, what do I do? If I go to every post and check if I should display that post, that's a lot of work for the device. It will be very slow. Any ideas what's the solution to this problem?

Thank you in advance. :)

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0 Abdurrahman M. Rabah · September 11, 2015
ah me either need this
0 Sandro Khokhiashvili · September 11, 2015
at first you should list all of posts in any kind of database. 
next you should load it using ajax.
if you want to make this kind of app at first you will need knoweledge of backend development and for the first time i suggest you to make a web app after that mobille app.

there are lots of tutorial out there for making simple social network using php so google may help you. also bucky said on g+ that he is making one too so do what you want.
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