How can make my code blocks console in to window mode again?

0 john johnny · August 29, 2015
I was trying to have a better view with my console so I tried to make it fullscreen. Now I can't see the title bar to turn it back to window mode. The whole console took over the entire space of my monitor. Any idea please? Already uninstall using revo uninstaller and then run ccclearner but after I reinstall it's the same thing.

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0 Sha Kal · August 29, 2015
It doesnt have to do anything with codeblocks, the console you get is the one from windows, which you can access by typing 
" Command Prompt " into search bar, google it and try to find out.
0 john johnny · August 29, 2015
I went there but it seemed like they don't have connection. I change some stuff but nothing happen.
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