First, Just a suggestion, It will be nice to have a Construct 2 Section

I just have a couple of hours playing with Construct 2, must of it watching videos. To practice I want to create a little tower defense example. I have 2 layouts , game and options.  The user click a button on game layout, the Options layout appears with 2 buttons Wall and Turret.  When the button is click I have a global variable to set if I want to create walls or turret. Then I go back to the game.

I want to click on the game and drop the selected object.  I am trying to do

if (variable == 'WALL)
  Create Wall()
else if (variable == 'TURRET'
  Create Turret()

I can create one or the other,  but I dont know how to do the comparison with the variable so that the object created is based on the value of the variable

Thank you