This Site Needs a Bit More Work

+2 Anthony Chavez · July 19, 2014
Anyone else agree that the site may need more work? It's probably just me, but it needs to be organized better, it would also be nice to have a mobile version of this site. Bucky, I love you man, but please, at least create a mobile version of your website.

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+2 Brendon McBain · July 20, 2014
I agree, I would love to see the website more organised, intuitive and more eye-catching. However, we gotta understand Bucky is only one man and is doing his best! ;)
+1 Erp Eight · September 29, 2014
Yes this site is quite hard to surf on mobile
0 Anthony Chavez · September 28, 2014
Yes, he is only one man. 
0 Nathan Lloyd · July 19, 2014
Doesn't need to be a whole different site for mobiles, just a responsive theme
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