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0 Deepu kj · August 28, 2015
Dear People,

I need a help in C++ project help.

The aim is to count the number of images from a file and to store it in the database like excel.
is it possible to do in c++.
Please leave your comments.

Deepu K J 

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0 Franz Schmidt · August 28, 2015
Could you please be a little more detailed? 

Do you mean you've got an image and inside this image if you open it you see e.g. three different images and you want to get this information from inside of the file? In that case you would need a complex algorithm to decode the image into your number of pictures. If there is a easy way to do this I'd be interessted in this to.:D

Or do you mean you've got a dicitionary with multiple files and only want to count the images inside this dicitionary?

And could you please post your code progress you've got allready?:ermm:
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