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0 Glenn Walker · August 26, 2015
I am working on a document/part/item control application using an Access database to hold my data.  One of the operations of the application is that there is a table that contains a record for each document/part/item (these have slashes because in reality they are the same thing).  To modify any document/part/item a change request is used, another table.  The change request table has a primary key that is the CR# which is assigned to the document/part/item being changed (called a revision) as a foreign key.

I feel that in my document table I have no need to create a new record for a revised document, since all of the information about the revision is contained in the change request record, so there exists only one record for each document.  The document record then gets a new foreign key value each time the document is revised.

My question, is this considered a kosher way to handle a database and if not why?

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0 Steve Rogers · September 4, 2015
Sounds like a great question for the SQL & Databases tab.  :)
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