Black Screen on Xcode when i run my code

+2 Leslie Marata · August 26, 2015
Hello guys quick question. My iOS simulator on Xcode just shows a black screen when i run my code. what could be the problem? Am i suppose to pay the $99 developer program fee to be able to use Xcode? please help

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0 Aju Antony · November 19, 2015

You don't have to pay anything to run your code on an xCode Simulator. :) 

The reason you are getting a black screen if possibly because,

  1. You have accidentally deleted the Main.Storyboard file

  2. If you haven't deleted the file, then you must have not set any ViewControllers in the storyboard as 'Initial View Controller'.

  3. If you have Initial View Controller setup but still are facing this problem then you must have accidentally set your background color to black, or transparent. Or accidentally set your View's Alpha to 0.0 (which is equivalent to setting the background color to transparent)

Hopefully that will clear everything up :)

Happy Coding :D
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