After a few days struggle with this assignment I turn to you guys for help. I've watched bucky's videos about networking, thinking, well this was easy.
Well, checking the assignment again just makes me want to cry :P

Here's what I'm supposed to do:

I'm supposed to set up a network on a company and split it into two subnets, A and B.
Between A and B is a router.
In the A subnet there's also a router for internet access.

My job is to make sure everyone can talk to each other (and connect to the internet for extra points)

I'm given the C network which I have to turn into 2 subnets, I'm thinking of
I also think each router's DHCP should handle one subnet each. 
So Router 1(in A sub) could have an address pool of - and assign them to subnet A requests, (minus x amount of adresses for static IP's).

While router two has assigns the following to subnet B: - 
The level this class is on is very basic. So no overly super advanced advice if it can be helped please :)

Where it doesn't click is where I'm supposed to present the settings and how everything fits together. I'm probably overcomplicating everything...

Also here's an image,

Thankful for any advice ;)