What progaming language to use?

0 Valdimar Melrakki · August 25, 2015
I´m mostly in android app and java is my language + xml .
I have had people ask me what language to use and the answer I hear form progamers is what do you like to program?
most people that have interest in programing have not clear idear what thay are going to do other then make "cool" software.
what is the difrent is between ..c.. c#... c++ ... java  ...javascrift ...python .. Ruby and so on.
it would be nice if somone could explain to beginner what is what.

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0 Sang Jung · August 25, 2015
Just to put my two cents in. I've pored over so many articles about what would be the ideal first programming language to learn. After spending hours agonizing and researching over it, I would have to say this. 

When I was first trying to decide on which programming language. I really didn't know what I wanted to do with learning programming. I just wanted to become familiar with the concept of what programming is but I had no specific goal of what I wanted to do with the programming skills... yet. So, Vladimir's question asking, "What do you want to do with programming?", didn't have much relevance to me because I had no idea. So anyway, my first criteria was that I just wanted to become familiar with the concept of programming itself and get used to the language and syntax. 

So, after having said that. Most probably, the ideal first language to use would be Python. I've actually only started programming only recently. The reason why I support the idea that Python would be the first ideal language is because it's "readable". In other words, compared to the other languages, Python has a lot of terms and words that you can read within the code that doesn't appear very complicated. It's relatively easy to read and you can "intuitively" understand what the language is trying to do. As for the other languages, like "C" for example, it might not be as easy to understand the programming and the steps might actually be longer than in Python.

Speaking as a person just starting out, the only real headache for me has been trying to get Python set up and finding a proper book or resource materials for starting programming. 

Right now, my IDLE shell for Python just won't load and I'm even having problems getting Python to "import turtle" so that I can practice with the drawing program. Sorry to get off topic. However, this site has been very interesting for me so far with the various tutorial videos which I'm thankful for having discovered. 

If anyone is interested in finding some relevant books that don't seem overly complicated, I would strongly recommend starting with children's books about programming as opposed to textbooks. Learning the language is difficult enough already without the source material becoming too academic.

Sorry for such a long post but I hope this helps.
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