I noticed that if I use setSupportActionBar on API levels 21 and higher, the toolbar does show up. However, if I press the Settings button, I get a different ActionBar pop up. Am I doing something wrong? So far, I have written a toolbar for android.widget.Toolbar
and am using that instead on devices API level 21 or higher.

After further experimentation, it seems this only occurs on real devices that have a hardware settings button. 

So in other words you somehow end up using 2 actionbars.

The only fix I have found is to use setActionBar when appropriate and otherwise use getSupportActionBar.

Right now, I essentially overloaded a layout by creating two duplicate layouts which are platform specific. One targets API 8-20 and one targets 21 and higher. Obviously, the API 8 version uses the supportToolbar while the API 21 version uses android.widget.Toolbar. Then within the activity, I do a runtime check on the build version and cast it to the right toolbar version and set it.

I hope somebody else finds this useful since they were no responses.