What is the purpose of life

+1 Jeff the Killer · August 24, 2015
sometimes it can get boring, but what makes you strive for it?

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+2 Donald Trump · September 14, 2015
today i've had  philosophy for the first time and oh God, she asked me the same thing as the title of this post...
+2 Tóth Bence · September 13, 2015
Fun: The purpose of your life is to find a purpose in your life. :D

Seriously: i think you should do something what brings humanity forward.

i strive to pass my exams so i can be a computer engineer :D
0 Jeff the Killer · September 14, 2015
good point...
0 Jewel Huang · October 10, 2015
To lead a life satisfying Jesus and more and more like God, this is my purpose of life.
0 Milorad Jekic · November 3, 2015
yes, 42 is rly good answer :) 
greetings to all fellow hitchhikers :angel:
0 Vaggelis Dou · November 4, 2015
Enjoy every day like is your last 
0 Linux Forever · November 4, 2015
Wel,I love programming so I guess you could say "I want to be the very best that no one ever was" XD.
0 H. P. Lovecraft · October 12, 2015
Life is about the journey, not the destination.
0 Zero . · October 30, 2015
Yeah My Purpose is Unknown to Man!
0 Alice Aduard · October 13, 2015
It depends on what you thinks about life to you. If you think it is nice, then it will be nice. If not, the opposite.
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