PHP Graphics: YouTube's account information

+1 Darius Rapalis · July 18, 2014
Hey, I wanted to share my creation with you all.

I've made this script with PHP GD and it's really easy to use, just use image's url like this:

BTW, I don't really like this design so if someone has any ideas how to make it more beautyful please respond :) 

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0 William Frost · July 18, 2014
I got to say it looks great, could I ask how you done it?(I got an algorithem of how just want to see if I was right) :)
+1 Darius Rapalis · July 18, 2014
Some of my source codes are posted HERE as well as this one :)
0 William Frost · July 18, 2014
Yey! I was right :)
Look very nice mate, Keep up the good work ;)
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