Phone book - who to call?

0 Unnar Olafsson · August 23, 2015

I want to make an application that holds names and phone numbers of employees. I've seen the tutorials for the phone book application. 

What I want is to be able to assign a number to each employee that either increments by one or is set to 0 in one part of the application. This feature will decide which employee should be called when they need extra hands at work. The employee with the highest number will be the next one to receive a call.

I need help with the incremented values and how to assign them to each employee. If anyone could assist me, then that would be great!

Later on I will add a special holding list, which will employees will be temporarily moved to. This will give the shift managers time to decide whether to move the employees value to 0 or leave it as it is. Then vacation lists and also notes on employees.

But for now, I'll settle with the phone book where I can give them these incremented values ;)

best regards

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0 jethro daniel · August 23, 2015
Tip!..All things are achievable if you know how to design a good schema. I would advise you use sqlite for this project. Create a table to hold employee details. Another table to hold Points for each employee. When a task is needed, you go to the table with the points details and get the employee I'd to refrence the employee from the employee details
0 Alper Akgoz · August 25, 2015
I made a similar thing in my work, but I assigned priorities to certain tasks. How is the number incremented? Does a user have to run the application and change the number manually? There are so many ways you can assign and store this information, you can create a data structure and store it locally, you can write a CSV file that contains user info and number, but in my opinion best way would be creating a SQL database. If you create a table in SQL you can store, retrieve and update these things easily. You wont need to write special code for each operation, you'd only need to change the SQL command. For example, if you only assign numbers 0-5 for priority, and you want to get the users with highest priority then you only need to run a SQL command that looks like " SELECT * FROM tableName WHERE priority='5'  " and read the results. To increase, decrease priority you'd only need to run SQL commands somewhat similar to this one.
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