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0 Alaa Emad · August 23, 2015
Hey there,

I had started to lean java to go into Android,
but I was wondering if I should be able to code GUI with Java (JOptionPane) or I can just skip it as it's built-in in Android Studio ??

Thanks :)

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0 Alaa Emad · August 25, 2015
Thank you both for advice,I will get a look on it for sure :)
I am using Eclipse for now :)
+1 Lukas Zeller · August 24, 2015
Hey Alaa,

The short answer is: you should look into it.

To be more elaborate: Since you're already learning "pure" Java, I assume you're using a different IDE than Android Studio, perhaps Eclipse or NetBeans (if not, I strongly recommend it). You'll need to look into the Swing and AWT libraries for GUI programming. The bad news is: you can't really use these libraries on Android, so you won't be able to translate your code directly (see links below). The good news is: you'll learn important concepts such as Event Handling that are - in my opinion - much easier to learn in "pure" Java (since you don't have to worry about APIs, screen sizes, XML files, etc.). Also, there are much more Java tutorials than Adroid tutorials AND you'll learn how to write desktop GUIs.

There are a few third party options that offer you a workaround for using Swing programs on Android, though you have to be careful with licensing and will additionally need to learn how to use them:

Hope that helped.
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