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0 Deepankar Dey · August 22, 2015
Guys I have just just started watching the tutorial series on youtube regarding app Development.
Is Android Studio really a good step to start with? or should I choose Eclipse?
Suggest please. I am very new app development (have learnt core java).

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0 faruk ahmad · August 23, 2015
I suggest you use android studio  because android studio is update all time update use is better . so your pinon but android studio is best
0 Dol Lod · August 23, 2015
Use Android Studio. 

Read other recommendations.

Use Android Studio and install all Google APIS at the bottom that you can. Then install HAXM ASAP. Otherwise it will be annoying.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Finish beginner series in java (the beginner java tutorials, not Android) with a level of being comfortable with common classes and data structures used. ex. Array,list, map, functions, classes ...

Watch Bucky's Tutorials. 

Google anything you don't understand well for an example. 

For other tips, read other posts. There is a search topics button for a reason.
0 Matthew W · August 23, 2015
Arjun Patel's recommendations are correct and most helpful. Could I just add to his comments that a first "hello world" program is possible on a smart phone fairly quickly.  For that reason Android Studio is a good step to start with and no, you should not choose Eclipse.  Eclipse is just an IDE (Integrated development environment) and an excellent one at that. It is available in various flavours for various environments. The Android Studio package comes with the community edition of the Intellij IDEA built in. This means Eclipse is not required for starters. An ultimate edition of Intellij IDEA with database, web and enterprise developement is available from, not free and not required for beginners.

There are a couple of caveats for beginner's set-up:

- The development computer needs an INTEL processor to run HAXM. The Arm-c emulator works with AMD: painfully slow. Connecting the smart phone to the computer is a solution. That means no emulator is necessary for starters.

- To get "Hello World" to appear on the smart phone, it needs to be connected via USB. That means going to the manufacturer and getting a USB driver for the particular smart phone that you have.   

- Getting Windows to accept that driver can be a mission, installing, unplugging, reinstalling, rebooting, never giving up... until it works eventually.

- The Java SE Development Kit 8u60 can be downloaded and installed first from

-  An environment variable has to be set under Start | Control Panel | Systems | Advanced System Settings | Advanced Tab | Environment variables, either under "System" or "User variables for PC" [Win 7 64-bit]:  

    JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_51]

Android Studio can then be installed on top of that, leaving all default directories as suggested by the installation routines.

- Install all SDK Tools from API levels 19 onwards or you might get strange error messages that makes no immediate sense after installation.    Android Studio 1.3.1 menu: Tools | Android | SDK Manager
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